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"EVERY LINE WE DRAW HAS MEANING," the late-great urbanist David Lewis told me many times. Whether in the design of a city, neighborhood, or a home, every line becomes a built element with its own story.  Our World is a true representation of the human condition. It is as imperfect as we are -- sometimes the things we build are brilliant and bring us inspiration and joy, while other times they suffer flaws almost from the onset.  Design should be a willful exercise in careful and considered thought. When every line has meaning, we have the opportunity to create the sublime. When every line has meaning, it is possible to bring great design to everyday people.

RESIDENTIAL DESIGN IS INTIMATE. It is a marriage of the Client's needs as dictated by the patterns of their lives, and the Architect's ability to envision space that fulfills those needs.  I immerse myself in understanding you and your family and then seek to design spaces that flow as you do. 


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